Conventions 2014:
This is a list of conventions that I will be attending for 2014

Wiz-World Philadelphia
June 19-22

Boston Comic Con
August 8-10

SPX, Bethesda
Sept 13-14

MICE, Cambridge
October 4-5

First off, congratulations for getting to the bottom of the image! I know, it's a big one but I really wanted to add a little something else to the end of session wrap-up. On the ship list you've seen all but one of them, the Galleon, the largest merchant ship in the sea. They mainly sail from the Isles directly to the "old world" of Eos. Morgan and her crew have had four of these vessels. A Sloop (The Beach Flutter - It was Maynard's) as their first ship, a Brigantine (The Cornelia - stolen from Low) and now have a Fishing Boat and a Schooner! Neat!

Enjoy! ~ Mike

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