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As promised, here are my honourable mentions for the Great Fleury Item Equiping! The Cluck Cluck Cannon was my favourite, as an item for Grynn, shooting exploding eggs with a random chance of one of them "hatching" into a giant demon chicken! The Rose Whip was "alive" with a really fun blood drain ability. The Folded Boat was a single piece of paper, that with time, could be folded into any type of boat you wanted. The Map would should any location around you but constantly state where you were in many languages, but also kinda go a little crazy with frequent use. And finally the Sunglasses were pretty pointless except for 'keeping track of visions in your mind' and 'watching you weaveyour storylines'. Ahhh Corey Hart.

So that's them, they will be added to Grynn's notebook and possibly make an appearance later in the story! There are a bunch of others that I loved as well but I wanted to boil it down to just five unique items. It was also really awesome seeing some of the common threads that we given across the crew and sometimes multiple members. Roberts had something like 5 things about cigars, 4 for Toobee's horns, 4 for Aly and food, and 5 times Buttlette would get nothing or a joke gift. Also, a grabbling hook of some kind appeared 6 times across 4 characters. Very neat!

Enjoy! ~ Mike

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