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Shot of Chaos: What should the land-locked crew do?
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A second Shot of Chaos so soon? YUP! The crew in the storm is set on waiting for the rest of their party members, the question remains, what will the Land-Locked crew do?

If you are wondering why I'm doing this, its because, honestly, I have WAY too many good ideas! Yeah, I know, it's a silly reason but it's true! I was talking to my wife this weekend, explaining all the awesome options I can take this story down, no that Roberts and Toobee are going to be floating just off the coast, and she loved all of them! Thus, I leave the choice to you! As I said before, this chapter is going to have a lasting effect on the story and the crew so chose wisely!

Enjoy! ~ Mike

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Pieces of Eights is a graphic novel where YOU help tell the tale! Follow the ragtag crew of blue collar adventurers under Captain Mary-Anne Morgan and their quest for rum, guns and a whole lot of gold! Little do they know that the battle of Law and Chaos rests in their hands. It's like Dungeons and Dragons meets Pirates of the Caribbean only Johnny Depp's a chick.
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