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Wow, I swear life just knows when I'm trying to get an extra comic in. Like I was so ready and prepped for it and then just...wow...It's been a week, to be sure. But hey, look, Avery and his first mate are now in the fight! Awesome!

Side note, thank you to Caedes Caeles for this silly meme-ish idea of what 2020 has basically been using the previous page! You can click on the image to see it in full size, or to share it if it tickled your fancy. I fixed the link byt he by so it will work now! Hurray!

Stay happy, healthy and safe! ~ Mike

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Pieces of Eights is a graphic novel where YOU help tell the tale! Follow the ragtag crew of blue collar adventurers under Captain Mary-Anne Morgan and their quest for rum, guns and a whole lot of gold! Little do they know that the battle of Law and Chaos rests in their hands. It's like Dungeons and Dragons meets Pirates of the Caribbean only Johnny Depp's a chick.
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