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Hey everyone! So I have some slightly bad news about this week. My family has a cottage up north that I need to head up and help open for the year. My grandfather is in his 90's and my uncle is pretty beat up and in is 60's and this is the only week we can make it happen. As you would expect, there is no wifi so the next update isn't going to happen until I get back, which will hopefully be Friday but I can't promise anything until I get up there. Thanks for the understanding!

Enjoy! ~ Mike

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Pieces of Eights is a graphic novel where YOU help tell the tale! Follow the ragtag crew of blue collar adventurers under Captain Mary-Anne Morgan and their quest for rum, guns and a whole lot of gold! Little do they know that the battle of Law and Chaos rests in their hands. It's like Dungeons and Dragons meets Pirates of the Caribbean only Johnny Depp's a chick.
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